Live System Running

This is a system running to show you the type of screens and functions.

We are great at what we do

Reaching thousands of people in communities all across the DFW area where people do business every day which includes Fitness, Restaurants, Salons, Barber Shops and more. Our network delivers HI-RES Ads to consumers every day.

At the same time sharing ad revenue with the local business and communities that support the network of billboard systems. We are additional locations for advertising coming aboard every month.

We provide 100% targeted marketing with Digital Signage for your business.

System Overview

  • Conception

    Digital signage is any form of an electronic display. Imagine walking into a restaurant and seeing the specials menu on a monitor in the entrance. Instead of a whiteboard or a chalkboard, the monitor presents the information digitally just as if you’re looking at a computer screen.

  • Wireframing

    The Billboard TV Network provides the Digital Billboard systems or Ad Servers to convert standard flat-screen TVs into amazing advertisement systems that earn you money either has a Hosting location or as a Network Consultant.

  • Design

    Billboard TV uses a Miro PC from Intel called a Compute Stick and runs Windows 10 as an operating system. We call this an Ad Server and this microcomputer comes with our custom software and plugs into any HDMI port on the TV. It connects to the internet via WIFI and is controlled via the web.

  • Coding

    Our custom software is written inhouse right in the good old USA by Darnell Smith the founder. He updates the software periodically as new features and coded and tested automatically. We use a Windows platform so any PC can effectively be used in the network.

  • Marketing

    Marketing for the Billboard TV Network is done by the Network Consultants, Billboard TV and by the Hosts. We all earn profits as a collective and as a community network of Billboard systems.

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