What’s a Network Consultant?

A Network Consultant (NC) finds Host locations as well as sell Ads and Sponsorships for the Billboard TV Network. An NC is responsible for selling into his or her network of systems and earn 50% commission. Network Consultants can side sell into other networks and earn 40% commissions the first month.

Our system handles 3 types of ads that we pay commission on shown in RED.

  • Static Display Ads sell for $50 ($25)
  • 60 Second Video Ads sell for $75 ($37)
  • 3 Minute Video Ads sell for $100 ($50)
  • 15 Minute Video Spots sell for $150 ($75)
  • Full Sponsor Ads $800 ($200)
  • Shared Sponsor Ads $250 ($50)Sponsorship pays $200 but you need to sell 4 shared or 1 Full for a complete sale. When we get a system sponsored that new system gets placed in a Hosting location and builds on to the area Network of Digital Billboards.

What’s a Host Location?

Being a Host Location is when you allow a system to be installed in your location. Being a Virtual host would be to have a billboard system installed at your favorite barbershop or doctor’s office.

Each network of billboards is independent of the others but can be part of a larger linked network region to allow maximum profit sharing for hosts (sponsors of the system). This is the power of being a community of systems across the nation. This also allows ads to be targeted more accurately to a specific area much like the internet itself.

Each system has no real limit to the number of ads it can hold, but we like to keep the ads down to 100 to 250 per system to allow the most views for your clients. Remember it’s about the community first so don’t be greedy and your business will be strong.

Click here to submit your free application to be a Host location

Click here to download the commission spreadsheet in Excel

General Office: 214-815-9308  Hours: 10am to 10pm

Join the Billboard TV Network as either a Host Location or a Network Consultant

There is a business model that works for everyone!

Digital Advertising Media (DAM) helps you start your own Digital Billboard advertisement business for just about FREE. Use our Software, a Digital Display (Monitor, TV or Projector) and a PC or SMART TV (Android Box) and start earning thousands each month from the ads you sell in your local area.

Each PC based system can hold up to 1000 ads in zone 1 (Display Area) and up to 50 vertical ads in zone 2 (Sponsor Area). A new ad is shown randomly every 15 seconds by default which can be changed from 5-60 seconds individually when you create each ad.

Our DAM PRO system has no limits and fully controlled via the included website setup, but does not have all the features of the Ad Server-based system above, but can be used in conjunction with the Ad Server package.

Sell your Ads for any price you desire to set your own profit margins.

Digital Advertising Media (DAM)  follows a People First, Profit Second business model and believes in passing forward the blessings of success to all mankind.

Digital Signage Business In A Box

  • Network Consultants
  • 50%
    per Ad sale
  • Free Ads in the System
  • Free Ad in the Network
  • Listing on the company website
  • Email Address
  • The Host location
  • 30%
    per Ad sale
  • Free Ads in the System
  • Ads in Network
  • Site listing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Billboard TV Network
  • 20%
    per Ad Sale
  • Provides updates and training
  • Maintains hosting
  • Network Ad Sales
  • Marketing of the Network

Download our business overview to see more details on how it all works.

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