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Do you own or manage a public facility that regularly attracts large numbers of people? Do you want to increase your revenues and marketing at the same time?

Billboard TV Network is actively expanding its digital signage advertising network footprint. We’re looking for site hosts who would like to improve and enhance their visitors’ experience and generate revenue at no cost just for allowing our Billboard TV Systems to be installed at their location.

Billboard TV Network content comes from almost any cloud source like YouTube, Vimeo and self-hosted locations that includes music, Music videos, movies, Movie trailers live performances and LIVE streaming content. Billboard TV Network requires no preset channels, however playlists can be created and used to cover a multitude of genres and moods. Other content like movie trailers, sports highlights, lifestyle and travel videos, viral videos, and more. Billboard TV Network desktop control panel allow users to create their own playlists, random and static content. Billboard TV Network streaming services generate revenue from advertising, sponsorships, integrated marketing, and branded content.

Advertise on the Billboard TV Network

Digital indoor advertising with Billboard TV allows you to showcase your products and services with vibrant static messages or impactful videos, all strategically placed in populated areas with a captive audiences in places like bars, restaurants, doctor’s offices, barbershops, Salons and more delivering your message directly to future consumers.

  • Easily targeted to men, women, and groups of people
  • Create custom messages for different times of the week or even day
  • Network market placement opportunities across many systems

Stream on the Billboard TV Network via Roku too

The Billboard TV Network streaming channels are also on Roku and your channels can be there also. All you need to have is a streaming channel URL and the artwork and we stream you through of Digital Billboard systems as well as our Roku channel.

If you want to add the channel even before getting published you can use this channel Access Code: 6ZXJLX. You can also login online to your Roku account and type this in https://my.roku.com/account/add/6ZXJLX.

Reaching thousands of people in communities all across the US where people do business every day. Our network delivers HI-RES Ads to consumers every day.

At the same time sharing in ad revenue from ad sales from local business and communities that support the network of billboard systems. We have additional locations for advertising coming aboard every month.

We provide 100% targeted marketing with Digital Signage for your business.

Free Installation

If you have a TV or a location where we can install a TV you can be part of the Billboard TV Network and start earning Ad revenue.


Our Billboard TV software is updated on a regular basis with features that enhance the viewer’s experiences and Ad effectiveness.

Video Streaming

Billboard TV can display all types of video content, unlike many competitors. Not only can videos be streams from common platforms like Youtube, Video, and others, but live streams from HLS and playlists can be used also.

Free Marketing

Get free marketing in other networks for becoming a part of the Billboard TV Network. Your Ads will show up in other systems across the network that don’t compete with your product or services offered.

Why Us?

Get great marketing of your product and services at no cost to you.

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