Promote Your Channel

The Billboard TV Network (BTV) provides Indoor Digital Signage that distributes targeted advertisement and streaming media to locations all over the United States and other countries. Much of the streaming media we get from everyday content providers like you.

BTV does not charge content providers to stream their media as long as it’s not a very obvious advertisement. The content needs to meet some standards to be used in the Indoor Billboard systems which are and not limited to the list below.

  • G Rated #1
  • Informative on a wide range of topics like food, health and wellness, lifestyle, faith, work and etc.
  • Must be a Streaming channel which means the URL given has to stay the same.
  • Limited Hard Commercials, however mentioning sponsors and product placement is fine too. We do want you to get marketing for your content in turn for using your content on the systems.
  • Free media content like your channel shows randomly between paid ads be them Static Flyers or other Streaming media.
  • Media is hosted on your servers and BTV does not own your media. We just ask if you delete the media let us know so we can take it off the system of available channels.

Media is listed and produced as a downloadable Tag Image file for Billboard TV locations to add to their rotation much like adding channels to a cable subscription. DTV does not control who will use the available channels whatsoever.

If you have content that you think could be a good candidate let’s see it. If it meets the standards we will create a Tag Image for it and put into the system for use as well as place a link on this site and Digital Advertising Media giving you some marketing.